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Do you have junk metal or debris that you want to dispose of? We remove junk from your property, usually the same day, while catering to your schedule. We recycle what we can, and dispose of the rest in a safe manner. Our friendly, professional staff cleans the area around the cleanup site to restore your property to its natural beauty.

Residential Junk Removal, Furniture Removal and Appliance Removal

We offer a wide range of cleanup services and will go anywhere on your property. Whether you'd like your attic, basement, garage cleaned out or a pile of debris removed from your backyard, Dunn Busters does the work so you don't have to! We can take almost anything you can find in today’s home. Appliances, furniture, 2×4’s or old wood, left over construction debris, sinks, clothes, mattresses, tubs, entertainment centers, Television and many more items.

We also help with your spring cleaning and remove items you have left over from garage sales that didn’t sell. We will go in your basement or attic and leave the area completely cleaned up and clutter free.

Commercial Junk Removal, Office Furniture Removal and Obsolete Equipment Removal

Is your office moving? Do you need to get rid of the junk that you’re not taking? Dunn Busters takes everything from electronic waste such as computers, monitors and printers, to office furniture and even old documents and filing cabinets, full or empty. We have a team standing by to make it happen. We offer dependable scheduling, same-day removal, and after hours pick-ups. To see our availability check out our Contact Page.

Furniture Pick Up and Machinerey Removal In Stratford, CT

Dunn Busters remove industrial equipment and machinery. We divert most industrial equipment from landfills by recycling most items we remove. We remove embroidery equipment, lathes, refrigeration equipment, heating equipment and furnaces, industrial light fixtures, ballast, cranes, dollies, pulleys and many more items.

Estate Cleanouts and Foreclosure prep in Straford, CT

We help real estate agents manage and simplify their clients’ moves by clearing out the clutter – helping you sell homes faster! We have state-wide coverage across Connecticut and dedicated customer service support, completing real estate and foreclosure cleanouts across the state. With our all-inclusive service, up-front prices and convenient scheduling, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just leave your junk where it is. Dunn Busters will remove it for you!

Retail Junk Removal Service In Stratford, CT

Whether a complete rebranding or just a seasonal refresh, we’ve got the truck team to handle everything you prefer not to. We are a full-service solution. Our truck team will take care of all the post-job clean up, as well as recycling, sorting, and disposal of all leftover store debris.

We remove it all – fixtures, displays, appliances, flooring and more. We offer dependable scheduling, same-day removal, and after hours pick-ups.

Office Junk Removal Service In Stratford, CT

We can take anything in your office furniture, filing cabinets, computers, monitors, fax machines, copiers and printers. Anything you need gone, we can take.We offer dependable scheduling, Same Day removal, and after hours pick-ups. BOOK a free quote or call us at 203-644-9254.

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